This is a Skills Programme will help any candidate gain knowledge and handle diversity within different relationships in South African society and may refer to any interpersonal relationships in cultural, social, family, community and work place contexts.

Outcomes that will be covered include:

  • Identify aspects of diversity within the South African society.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of diversity within different relationships.
  • Recognise an individual`s role and responsibility in relationships.
  • Identify ways and techniques to form positive relationships.

  • 2020 and the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The Department of Labour has issued guidelines for getting Corporate Workplaces, Education Facilities, Municipalities, Retail Outlets, Factories and others ready for Work to slowly start resuming.  

    This course covers some of the basic information you will need to know.

    This learning programme is for those involved in or working within a high risk cleaning services environment and will aid them in understanding how to control the growth and spreading of micro-organisms in the workplace.


    QCTO: Training & Development Practitioner (ID: 242401001)

    Business Administration Qualification SAQA 23833